"Worked with Cole years ago, and have returned because of the consistently awesome quality of her images! She is thorough in communication, as well, making our process smooth and worthwhile."
- Randi Chervitz

"Cole Rodger’s photographs are absolutely stunning. She is an expert at capturing the essence of my jewelry and creating a sense of excitement in each image. Cole is also very easy to work with. She will work with you to get the image right. Her photographs have truly improved my website.
Thank you Cole. I’m so happy to be working with you."
- Lisa Anderson

"The best business decision I made last year was to invest in professional photography. Cole was wonderful to work with. Right off the bat, she was accommodating of my short deadlines, still maintaining impeccable attention to details. She is easy to communicate with in long-distance consults be email or phone, and both personable and professional throughout. Her shots were used in the Artfulhome catalog, and my sales have soared.
I'm excited to continue working with coleimage!"
- Susan Panciera

"Cole Rodger is an amazing photographer of highly-reflective jewelry pieces. She is also very organized, professional and thorough. I am very proud to showcase my designer jewelry branding tags on my website and all of my social media platforms.
Thanks Cole!"
- Peggy Creager

"I finally got some images done by Cole after seeing many of my artist friends' work represented so beautifully. I am thrilled with my new images - they are fresh, clear, and look floating on their own. Turnaround time was exactly as quoted, and I am very happy with her professional work."
- Chihiro Makio

"I can't recommend Cole Rodger enough. She is great to work with, competitively priced, and I am always very happy with my photos. She provides the images in a multitude of formats which saves me so much time and effort - when someone asks for a photo, I have different sizes at the ready to accommodate their request."
- Laura Jaklitsch

"Cole has helped me with managing my images for publicity and and juried exhibitions. Her shop has successfully executed last minute requests with ease. Her work is terrific. She is a smart, effective photography resource."
- Rebecca Myers

"Cole has a great eye for high end studio photography. Not all studio photographers are equal! Photographing jewelry is difficult, and Cole Rodger does a truly equisite job. Her colors are very bold and vivid, detail is crisp and sharp and backgrounds have perfect color ballance. She makes sure to ask each client how they want each photo shot and sends proofs before anything is finalized. You pay a little more than with other photographers but Cole puts alot of extra time into her shots and is committed to making sure her customers are very happy with everything. I feel she's the best in the business! If your trying to get into the best art shows she's your lady!"
- Tai Vautier

"Hey girl, I love biscotti and the work you have done. Can’t wait to do more.
Thank you so much."
- Denise Betesh

"Hi Cole! I just wanted to share some awesome news with you!!! Using your photos, I just got into the Smithsonian Craft Show!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this would happen. I'm convinced it's because of you!

I'll also be doing the ACC shows in Baltimore, Atlanta, and St. Paul. This is the first time I've gotten right into Baltimore (after 6 years on the wait list).

So...THANK YOU!!! You're amazing!!!"
- Allison Hilton Jones

"Thank you for your beautiful photography and post processing. A few weeks ago, I applied to ACRE for the 2017 Philly show... I just checked my scores and I think I got in! It was all due to your expert photography and highlighting my pieces to their best advantage.

Thank you, thank you."
- Candace Stribling Jewelry

"Working with you has been fantastic, I can't say enough nice things!"
- Laurel Karnecki