Jewelry Images

Jewelry photography. Plain Jane white, vignetted and gradient backgrounds are standard issue. With layered images it's all right there. With the pieces, shadows, reflections and backgrounds on separate layers the piece can sit nicely on a white or black web/catalog page and can be even dropped in with other pieces and finessed to create something like these.

Finelli Finelli Finelli
(More Later.)

We're in the habit of supplying jury formatted pics. The nice thing is that when you request a gradient background, a plain white background is along for the ride. You get both. We can even supply images with white backgrounds and add gradient backgrounds later, if you please.

Leave the directing to us ($) or work with us live online ($$) to get the angle and lighting you're after. We've specialty jigs and the software to help it all along. You can obsess over the high-res previews and let us know what needs nudged, tweaked or pimped. You let us know when all is done.