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Sparkley things...

Jewelry Photography. But what do you have? Let's talk. We've been shooting clothing, a variety of consumer products and commercial projects for over 25 years; however, on this site jewelry photography is likely why you're here. We provide color accurate images for print catalogs, websites, jury slides, etc. We've been around the block.

We take extra time in working closely with our clients to match their aesthetic and budget. When your pieces arrive we can discuss your preferences for lighting, angles, backgrounds and color. We can give options for dramatic or soft lighting and shadows, color changes, correcting imperfections, swapping elements from different pieces, combining pieces from multiple images. Anything really.


Happy all the time.

We like what we do. We're a Pilates trained photographer, (wannabe, aging) hipster computer man (x2) and part-time effervescent (caffeinated) assistants working in a studio right here Click Here . We've the latest in fancy cameras, lighting, imaging, layout and CAD software along with a full shop, including a 3D printer for set, jig making and epically wasting time.

We've an emotionally unstable 10 lb. dog, Termite.

You'll notice we tend to ask a lot of questions. About how you'd like things done. It helps knowing in order to get it right the first time. So you'll be happy. And we're happy.


Images... a sampling

Click Here Jewelry. Everything starts with a transparent backgound filled with white. But we're handy with dropping in gradient backgrounds for jury pics. It's nice having separate layers for everything and that's what we send you: tidy pics with separated backgrounds.
Click HereJewelry on sets. For ads and such. A few pics here are arranged by delicate fingers on set and a few arranged later by a delicate computer man. Again, having separate layers is nice.
Click HereFacebook covers. Because we're too nice to you. You get something for nothing. As well as Instagram and Facebook formatted pics. Gratis.
Click HereNot Jewelry. There's more to life than bling.



"I really love working with Cole Rodger, she is a great photographer and goes out of her way to produce the images and quality of work that I require. She is very easy to work with and I would highly recommend her as a jewelry photographer."
- Nancy Ryall

"I am so happy to have found Cole Rodger for my jewelry photography. She has a great eye for set up and lighting and she knows what designers are looking for in a professional image. As a former photographer myself I am very picky and have used many people. She really nailed it and did just what I had in mind. The finished product is clean and very high quality. I am also so pleased with her photo delivery method and all the pre-formatted files made it so easy for me to sort and use right away. Thank you Cole!"
- Belle Brooke

"Love your work Cole! ... you are killing it girl!"
- Britt Anderson

"I'm so glad I have found Cole Rodger photographer! She makes my jewelry look so fabulous!"
- Judith Neugebauer

"We love everything you've done for us so far, and are definitely planning on using you for our next photo shoot and ad layout."
- Julie/Jeffrey Melka

"I like your in depth understanding of your field and of the jewelry trade. This translates to superior craftsmanship and being proactive with your clients!"
- Annamarie Sabo

"Thanks to my new images (and thanks to you), I have gotten in two new shows & this is super new for me… I got my image on the postcard for a show I’ve been doing for 7 years! Just wanted to say THANKS!"
- Jennie Milner

"Just wanted to thank you again for your great work photographing my jewelry! I got into Baltimore ACC wholesale :)"
- Kelly Dance

"I am always amazed at the details I get to see in the photos! Thank you for that! The jury shots all look really awesome, the spiral pops and grow! And my boat ring! Yay! Thanks a bunch!"
- Theresa St. Romain

"The photos look awesome! "
- Kathleen Dautel

"I am so pleased with the work you did last year :)"
- Thea Izzi

"Cole and her husband are a great team. Their work is clean, crisp and consistent. They absolutely "get" the requirements for great jewelry shots. The colors they capture are always perfectly luminous. I highly recommend them."
- Emma Villedrouin

"Cole is an extremely talented and creative photographer, and it is a real pleasure working with her. She’ll listen to your ideas and come up with something even better than you anticipated. I wouldn’t dream of trusting anyone else to photograph my jewelry."
- Nancy Troske

“Cole & Co. are the consummate professionals. Their creativity combined with their technical deftness is seamless creating exceptional images.”
- Angela Rustici

"As I have been building my line, I realized the time had come to have some professional photos of my jewelry taken. I needed beautiful images to submit to juries as well as for marketing purposes. One of my colleagues strongly recommended contacting Cole.

Being on the West coast, I researched some local photographers & even met with a few of them for the sake of convenience. No one's work held a candle to Cole's images. I decided it was worth shipping my work cross-country to have Cole shoot my work. I believe this was one of the best decisions I've made.

The final images are breathtaking! Cole's eye for composition & attention to detail really infuse the images with life. Cole is so fun & lovely to work with, it made the process a pleasure & ensured I was happy every step of the way.

I truly look forward to working with Cole on future projects. If you are searching for the highest quality professional photos to represent your product; breathe a sigh of relief, you have found the best person for the job."
- Shelley Cavanaugh

"Cole Rodger Photographics (has) been my go-to photographers for over 10 years - their expertise and artistry in photographing my work has been integral in promoting and growing my business. They are professional and easy to work with, but most importantly for me, Cole Rodger is able to communicate my vision in beautiful photographs that resonate with my clientele and generate more business. Thank you Cole Rodger!"
- Kathleen Maley

"Cole's home made chocolate Bourbon Balls are better than her sister's."
- Joe (Husband)



What do you need?

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